Tuesday, September 21, 2010


Poor WonderGirl was stricken ill last night so first thing this morning, I dragged the kiddos to the doctor, both of them still in their jammies and me straight out of the shower, looking like a drowned rat.  Things took an hour more than I expected, and by the time we were done, storytime at the library started in just 10 minutes.  10 MINUTES!

Should take the kids home, give them an actual breakfast and get us all dressed and looking like humans and miss storytime, or just head over there looking like crazy homeless people?

Duh.  Nothing gets between me and storytime.  I firmly believe attending storytime is one of the main reasons that my WG is freakin’ awesome.  Also, I think along with all that free swag they give you at the hospital right after you give birth, they must take away your shame.  I’ve run through an airport with a handful of poo (funny story), I’ve actually said the words “You can’t eat your ice cream until you finish your french fries” and my oldest has been wearing the same clothes for 24 hours now.  

I’m cool with that.  Nothing gets between me and storytime.

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