Sunday, October 3, 2010

can't help loving that man of mine

The following is a transcript of a IM chat I had with the hubs while stressing about what dress to get for my brother’s wedding.  I’d recently had some awkward experiences with dresses that looked long enough on the hanger and when standing still, but exposed far too much while trying to pull a one year old out from under a couch.  

He says: you really should focus on finding dresses that are mid-calf

 She says: why?

 He says: that way there is no possibility of them being too short

 He says: a dress should cover your knees when you sit.

 She says: they don’t really make dresses that long, have you noticed?

 He says: I have noticed.  But I still see people wearing them…

 She says: Maybe a time machine back to 1985 would solve that?

 He says: I can look for one on ebay

 He says: a time machine that is

 She says: I wouldn’t put it past you :)

 He says:


 He says: not at all what I thought it would look like


He says:

He says: that’s more like it

He says: bret michaels was in that car

He says: look at the pics

He says: make sure you put a tissue on the seat before you sit on it

She says: ………..

She says: I give up

He says: he has the yuckies

He says: you don’t want to sit where he sat

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