Monday, October 11, 2010

i've been a mom for 4 years today.

I could write a huge long entry on how amazing WonderGirl is.  I could write a huge long entry on how crazy these last 4 years have been, and how happy I am.  Instead, I’ll just simmer in a wonderful compliment I got the other day from a friend facing a very difficult pregnancy and impending parenthood: “The only hope I have for this comes from you and my mom.  You’re the only two who don’t sugarcoat things or give me a guilt trip about how happy I should be.  When I look at how hard it was for you at the beginning, and how you have become a really great mom (and you and I know you were the least likely to be the mommy-type before you had WG) - I know it will be hard, but it gets better.  And it’s okay to be terrified, because eventually I’ll be good at this.”

I paraphrased a little.  As she told me this, I was racing around Wal-fart trying to buy things for WG’s party with the cranky Dude trying to climb out of the seat and a hungry WG running circles around every person she saw.  I stopped for a second in the shoe department and cried tears of gratitude.  

I am so unbelievably lucky.

Then I wiped the tears off and rounded the kids into the bathroom to change a diaper on a unwilling one year old.  It was awesome.

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