Friday, November 5, 2010

rockin' the suburbs

To do list for today:  Play and be awesome. Check.  Go shopping and buy stuff.  Half check.  I didn’t get anything, and husband just spent over $200.  I guess that’s okay, a moth did eat one of his suits.  Next on the agenda - go get sushi with husband’s best friend and his smokin’ hawt wife.  Oh, did I mention it’s all you can eat???  The husband went back in June and it nearly brought him to tears.

Oh, and I blame the fact that I’m on vacation and haven’t had the time to properly address this, but did you know yesterday was my brother and Jane’s 10th wedding anniversary?!?!  How on earth do I have a brother that has been married 10 years?!?!  Even more amazingly, she has braved living with that loveable smell factory for 10 whole years.  You guys are amazing!!!  (I will properly address this at a later date.  But rest assured that I have been thinking about it all week and was going to make a big post about it, except I didn’t realize I’d be all tied up yesterday flying all over jabib with youngins.  Time consuming and all that.  LOVE YOU GUYS!!!!)

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