Tuesday, January 25, 2011

(via theduty)

Gotta keep things in perspective.  Poor WonderGirl has some serious Seasonal Affective Disorder.  Genuinely depressed - I know the difference between I-want-my-way or I’m-so-cranky-because-I’m-tired/hungry/bored, etc.  She is seriously depressed and is really struggling, lonely and stir crazy.  Me too.  I HATE wearing coats and warm clothing.  I feel like I’m in a straight jacket all the time, and the thought of getting ready to go out (which we do every day) is terrifying.  I hate having to put a coat on the Dude, because he hates them too (I gave up on hats and mittens).  It pains WonderGirl to the core to have to wear coats and layers to cover up her wardrobe creations.  Ug, I feel the exact same way, except my clothes kinda match and I don’t look homeless.  I’ve given up on the clothing battle - as long as it’s warm and modest, it’s fine.  So she dresses like a clown/hobo.  Sigh.

I do dislike life right now.  But I haven’t been stabbed yet, so that’s cool.

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