Tuesday, March 1, 2011

in answer to Jane's query

So, the foot motif.  The reason I take pictures of my feet when I’m off on some adventure is because my two feet take me on those adventures.  Once I get to my destination, other parts of my body usually have to take over, but it’s the feet that get me there.

I don’t have a very great history with my mind/body relationship, but I’m trying to fix that.  So my waist doesn’t look like I want, or my nose is just too darn big.  I have eyes that work, limbs that allow me to dance, ski and move freely, ears that let in beautiful music and the sounds of my children’s voices.

Lately, I’m getting sensitive to how women talk about their bodies.  It’s a long list of negatives and complaints.  I look at my daughter’s body in wonder - it’s like her arms and legs sprouted overnight, and I am amazed by how much they can do every day.  It has been amazing to watch, and I make sure to hug that body every day and be thankful that she does have a healthy body to experience this life in.  I know I am very, very lucky to have healthy children.  The idea that her amazing body could keep growing and she’d evolve into berating it hurts my heart a little.  I know it bothers my own mom when she hears me talk like that…. now I understand why.

I’m trying to be good to my wee body.  I know, often, I’m not, but since it doesn’t give up on me I’m really trying to not give up on it. I hope she always adores this body she has, and doesn’t pattern herself after my own follies.  I’m trying to lessen my follies as well…  because even if it fails her here and there, if it doesn’t look like the girls in the magazines - it’s the body that she’s been given to experience this life with.  And that’s not a blessing to take lightly.

I have two feet to take me places, to hold me up while I hold up my children.  That’s pretty cool.

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