Friday, July 29, 2011

Last day of touring Nauvoo. Funny story - my mom recognized the director of the Nauvoo Brass Band as someone she and dad knew at BYU 40 years ago - and he recognized dad! He asked dad to rehearse the band on some jazz numbers so he’s doing that now. But I am sitting in the car while the kids eat lunch and watch Blues Clues because the Dude has had his walking privileges revoked. All he wants to do is run in the middle of the street and the scream bloody murder if he is not allowed to do so. Oh, and he wants to eat rocks too. Although for now he’s placated with a corn dog… Anywho, I’ve had a blast, but this vacationing is for older folks who don’t have a cherub in tow who inserts goldfish crackers into antique vases. I’m heading to Iowa City now because that’s the coolest place on earth. Or at least 3 hours closer to Clown Town from here

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