Thursday, August 11, 2011

ima just gonna post this here

In response to my dear Jane and Cellogirl, who were all “maybe I should jump ship to Tumblr cuz Reva’s new layout is purtier than the Bloggerz” - let me give you reasons why Tumblr is the awesome:

  • Audio posts.  YEAH.

  • Really fantastic layout options (called themes) that you can personalize easier in HTML than Blogger.  And they look way cooler than all those cutesy things made for Blogger too - but that’s just my personal preference.  HTML wrangling in Blogger or Wordpress is for folks who are smarter and cooler than I.

  • The interface is all glossy and cool looking.  Blogger looks like an office park.

Um… Okay, that’s really why I dig it here.

Why Blogger is what I’m still using for my family blog:

  • You know how you can post pictures in your entries?  Not so easily done in Tumblr.  You can post pics at the top, but if you want to add more in the entry, you have to save them in Flickr or Picassa or some other lovely URL makey thingy.  Not hard to do, just a little more effort.

  • All those widgets and links on the side of your blog?  Blogger OWNS that show.  In Tumblr if you want ‘em, you do it all HTML manually.  Which is why my blogroll is crazy and hopelessly out of date.  It’s not hard to do, it just takes more than the 4 seconds it takes in Blogger.  And I have cable TV, so my free time is pretty much gone.

  • Commenting.  Blogger has it, it’s easy to use because you don’t have to do anything really/  Tumblr doesn’t have a commenting option, so you go and use Disqus which you have to manually add to the HTML (although not always, if the layout/theme you pick has it built in) and sometimes it can be a total pill.  

They have stuff in common, like the ability to have multiple blogs and stuff.  And you can blog from your phone by apps or even texting if you want with either.  With Tumblr you can even do an audio post by calling in from your phone!  I did that once and had my brother play some violin for you.  And you can have stick your posts up on your FB or Twitter which I think you can do with Blogger as well.

So that’s why I’m here.  I mean, I’ve been blogging for over 10 years - I have some pretty big opinions on whats I likes.  For a family blog with lots of pictures, Blogger isn’t as pretty, but it’s easy in its own way.  And for my personal blog, Tumblr is just right for my shallow I-like-shiny-things side.  That being said, if you WANT to follow me to the dark side, you’re more than welcome to join me - and I’m here for free tech support 24/7 :)  Oh, and I made the header with Picnik.  Which is awesomesauce times infinity.

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