Monday, September 12, 2011

The next best thing to not having to chaperone a youth dance at all?  Having your awesome husband show up (not a small thing, seeing as we live a ^%$#% hour from the stake center) and hang out with you.  Oh yeah, we danced.  Have you seen the husband dance?  If not, you are an unlucky soul.  I don’t get to dance with him often, but holy smokes he’s got killer moves.  He makes even the electric slide awesome, which he forced me to do at our Atlanta wedding reception.  I was NOT amused, but at least I got to watch him doing it.


OMYGOSH I just realized that’s my mom back there!!  AWESOME!!  So anywho, I’m pretty sure we freaked out the teens but if I’m going to have to chaperone a dance, that’s just the price you gotta pay.  Not like last time, when they made all the chaperones do the Cha Cha Slide which I hate more than almost anything else in the entire universe.  NOT EXAGGERATING.  Anywho, THANK YOU HUSBAND.

Also, Google Chrome’s spell check keeps telling me I misspelled “chaperone” but Wikipedia said I was right.  Darn red angry squigglies are all over this post.

Now onto trying to plan my NYC trip this weekendish!!  ANY SUGGESTIONS??  Really, I think mostly I want to walk everywhere, eat everything and take pictures.  Anything else I MUST do??

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