Tuesday, September 13, 2011

trip ticks

I’m almost done tying up all my loose ends so I can go to New York City in two days and turn my brain completely off. Just look at everything, eat everything, take pictures of everything, and walk hand in hand with my sweetheart. The idea is completely surreal.

Except it just occurred to me that I’ll be away from my kids for 3 whole days. They’ll be in excellent hands, but I’ve never spent this much time away from the kids. With husband. They will be away from us. They are never away from us. And though I know logically I should embrace this, I’m having an involuntary urge to hide under my bed. So now I’m fighting this urge and I’m feeling jittery. This is not the point of a vacation. How do I get my brain and my stomach on the same page??

Motherhood is complicated.

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