Monday, October 24, 2011

like blogs through an hourglass

So for some reason, I've been reading through the archives of my original blog - the one I started way back in 2000 when I was a fresh-faced 20 year old.  I actually stumbled on the first year of marriage year and reread that whole year.  Can I just say I'm so thankful for all of those who still followed me after that year of mush?  I don't think there's a single entry where I didn't gush on about how the husband was the most amazing human on the planet for me and blarrrgggg.   I mean, I don't mind reminding myself, but if must have been nauseating.  For example, what about this excerpt from February 2005:

Today, we've been married a month. Best month of my life. I'm so darn lucky. He is so perfect (for me). And now I'll stop so y'all don't get sick...;)
But if you look at what happened last year, to this year..... it's amazing what a year I've had. And it's all been worth it I guess, to bring me this joy, and the best husband a girl could ask for.
And that's not even close to the mushiest stuff.  (it's all true though - I really do try to be nice and censor a little of my life.)

It has been funny, reading up to our first anniversary, knowing when I got pregnant with WonderGirl and giggling at unsuspecting 25 year old me.  Reading about the trainwreck that was my pregnancy and Brasil...  I'm so glad I kept a blog.  It's far more entertaining than my actual journal.  Heck, there are things that I blogged that I had totally forgotten about - did you know I have 2 spleens??  Yeah, they noticed that during one of my ultrasounds.  One is normal size, the other is teeny weeny but it's there.  How random is that??  And how does a person forget that sort of thing??  Wait - I know - we have kids and our brains fall out.

There have been a lot of other bloggers from back then who have left the bloggering world and only update their lives on Facebook.  That's fine and dandy, but I miss y'all.  Without blogging, I would never have remembered this gem from June 2005:

So we're sitting there in church yesterday, singing a hymn about Christ with lyrics that say "he came with no apparent beauty that man should him desire" and Jared whispers to me that he thinks that's wrong - that Christ was probably a good looking person - and I whisper no he wasn't and I was pretty sure there was some scripure about that and had to go find it it prove him wroooong. 
Found it in Isaiah 52:3 I think, where it says he was not a physically beautiful man, which makes sense, because he appeals to our spiritual sides, to our faith, not to our physical and such so I show him the scripture and say "see? now that makes me what???" (Okay, I was fishing for ths one)"right." 
Now, Jared's really smart so when we have a dispute about something, especially gospel-related, I'm usually wrong. So having him say I was right was a cheap thrill, but I wanted to dig a little deeper..."and that makes you...what?"(insert - the correct answer here would be "wrong" but his answer was infinitely funnier) 
"Um... it makes me strangely attracted to a man no one else finds attractive?" 
I tried not to laugh too loud. I like him:)



The Atomic Mom said...

I just love you, is all. :)

Anonymous said...

You're so lucky to have an interesting man you can talk with...and listens to you.
Ever thought of printing out your blog entries just in case the blog-o-sphere blows up? Your entries are so worth preserving.

Jane said...

I'm with you - Christ was probably not smokin' because then people would have followed him for the wrong reasons. And it's not like he had time to work out or whatever.

Elizabeth said...

He did do a lot of walking though...I imagine he was probably in fairly decent shape.

And how could I not follow your blog? This is just far too much fun to read. I love your life. :) Glad I've been around for so much of the good stuff!

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