she's 5....?!?!

To everyone who has only known me as a mom - I'm sure you think, wow, that's dandy.  But to those who were there at the beginning and before, I think we can all safely say this is INSANE.  But she's every bit the same spirit as this baby burrito I held in my arms five years ago:

I, however, am not the same person in that picture.  I'm busy decorating and wrapping today so it hasn't fully hit me that I have been a mother for 5 whole years, and all that has changed.  Regardless of what has happened or has not happened in the last 5 years, the fact that this child has sprouted into the larger-than-life girl we see now - is nothing short of a miracle.

Happiest of birthdays, Sunshine dear.  Thank you for letting me test out this motherhood thing on you.  I love you all the way to moon and back, times infinity.  dangit.  now she's going to ask me what infinity means.  any suggestions?


Elizabeth said…
Have her watch Toy Story and let her mull over 'to infinity and beyond'...

Happy Birthday Solei!! I remember when I first saw those baby pictures, I totally did some tear shedding over here.

Happy Mother's day to you Reva! You make cute and amazing kiddos, that's for sure!
Jane said…
It has certainly turned out much better than it could have.
Happy Birthday Solei!
neonorangeds said…
Aww, hope you all enjoyed her birthday!!

I lovelovelove that there are cows behind her in that picture... I know, I'm crazy :)

She looks so happy though!! Hope it was a good birthday!
Anonymous said…
What a vivacious personality your 5 year old Wonder radiates. She is so lucky to have parents who encourage her light to shine.

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