Friday, October 14, 2011

beret. beret. beret.

WonderGirl's birthday party is tonight.  I'm only freaking out a lot.  It'll be fine, right??  It's super easy - an art theme, so the kids are wearing smocks, creating their own pizzas (picky eaters?  Food allergies?  no problem!), painting sugar cookies with food coloring instead of having a cake, and it's only an hour and a half.  Easy, right??

Except it's ME throwing it, so I had to complicate matters and add this to the mix:

Remember the "everyone should wear a beret to look all authentic!!" idea?  This is the result.  I (of course) took it a few steps further and decided to have them decorate the berets for an activity.  This is the prototype.

No one tell the girls what a shower cap is, okay?  Let's keep the magic alive.

I'm trying to convince myself this isn't a total fail idea.  So I took a ton of pictures.

If I add a paintbrush to the mix, does it start to even resemble a beret?


My own personal birthday is on Sunday.  This is what I've become at 31.  Poor 32, it doesn't even have a chance.


Natalie said...

Whatever! You're fabulous!
The party is going to ROCK!
If all else fails, make these for your own birthday and you'll feel ready to conquer the world!!! :-)
Party on, Wayne!

Elizabeth said...

You just have to tilt it sideways a bit and it totally works!! I think it's a fabulous idea, having them decorate them.

Jane said...

What happened to the other color? I think darker looks better for berets. The mimes always wear a black one don't they?

Maria said...

It looks great! What a faboulous idea!

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