Friday, October 28, 2011

a short list

... of things that are currently awesome.  That I may or may not have gone all nutty on with some Picnik action.

I finally finished the chairs!  Just in time, too because it's too cold outside to spray paint until May.  GEHDHEHEERRRRRRR.  Over 30 people liked it on facebook.  I AM SO VALIDATED RIGHT NOW.

My loverly fam at the church Trunk or Treat.  The Dude doesn't have the presence of mind to leave any kind of costume on, so I had to go with this shirt, and the husband kindly obliged me by going all twinners with him.  Why yes, that is white electrical tape all over his sweater.

After working so hard on those garbage bag wings, I actually went ahead and made some out of material that worked super great.  I had some silky fabulous black jersey knit that I made into a maxi skirt for moi, and there was enough left over for 2 pairs of bat wings.  Woohoo!

That's the Dude.  If that face doesn't make you happier than anything, you probably need a cookie.

Oh, and those two are mine.  I totally dig them.

Last but not least, the husband e.mailed this to me and dared me to watch it and maintain any sort of bad mood.  He won.  It's the trailer to the new movie, The Lorax.  It also has one of my top 2 songs in it, so there was very little chance I wasn't going to adore it.  I dare YOU to not adore it.  I win!!!


Natalie said...

I'm sure you won't be surprised by any of the following, but I'm so excited, I MUST share!
I love your chairs!
I Love your Halloween costumes! (Husband's glasses are nice, too.)
Are you kidding me?!? Dude is SO CUTE!
And....I LOVE THE LORAX!! I'm so glad you shared this! :-)

jennaroo said...

I cannot wait to see The Lorax!!! Is it March yet?

Jane said...

THAT is not how the story goes...
Additionally, why is the kids and the wives all get on board for the theme of church parties and the husbands do not?

Elizabeth said...

:) Adored it and quite happy with that picture of the Dude...

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