Tuesday, November 1, 2011

NaBloPoMo 2011

We all know about NaNoWriMo - where all those smarty pants go and write a novel during the month of November.  Good for them.  A few years back - 5, to be exact, I heard about the alternative, where we all commit to blogging once a month for 31 *ahem* 30 days in November.  At the time, I was in the mess of having a 3 week old daughter while living in a foreign country, trying to cope with a medical condition none of us knew about that was making life even more difficult.  Every day was a struggle.  I spoke very little Portuguese and I was feeling so alone.  Blogging was one of my only connections with the outside world, and with the support and help of my husband, I joined NaBloPoMo and blogged through it.  In that process, I found friends who listened, e.mailed me to show support, mailed me presents - heck, Elizabeth actually got a passport just so she could mail me a care package!!  (don't ask us why she had to, it was a whole crazy thing but she got one anyway JUST FOR ME!)  Anywho, it was a huge blessing and I credit it as one of the few things that kept me alive during that time.

So NaBloPoMo is kind of special to me.  Even if my content is crummy, I do it because it gets me out of my self-imposed exile - especially during this almost-winter that makes in insane.  So welcome to my personal 31 days of brain-spewage, and on travel and busy days, whatever pictures I snap with my phone to show what is up.

I'm approaching November a bit most somberly than usual this year.  The guitarist from my two bands was in a motorcycle accident Sunday and he's in the ICU.

He's not doing well right now, but nothing was broken beyond repair they think so far, so that's good news?  But you still don't have a car run over you without doing some serious damage.  It means - for me, anyway - there's a healthy dose of patience and time needed... who has any extra of that lying around??  As Collie, it just hits hard.  We must all be invincible, there's still music to be made!  And as a friend - I want to be there so badly.  His wife is the vocalist for the Border Collies and the sweetest woman you're ever likely to meet.  She's the ultimate caregiver - she gives until she's dizzy.  I wish so much I had some clue, something to do to help besides pray my brains out.  Then there's my heavy heart from Dani's family losing Natalie so suddenly, and aching as a friend and as a mom.  I feel so useless.  Unable to think of anything to give to the people who have given me so much... I mean, there's love but psshhh.  I've got boatloads of that.

So have a listen to some of Michael's awesomeness and send some prayers and good thoughts his way, please.  (I recommend #5)

iTunes get music on

See you tomorrow!


Jane said...

I was about to write a comment about how there's only 30 days in November but then I read that bit about your guitarist - I didn't know they were married! - and now I feel bad. Can you call them? Send cards and flowers? Or an Edible Arrangement? (That can be done online so there's no post office necessary) Play music for them? Write a poem/song? You're super talented, I am sure you will think of something.

Elizabeth said...

I am definitely praying for them...my gosh, I hope he pulls through...and that you get to do another album or twenty with them...

Praying...for sure! And for you too. I like Jane's train of thought, I bet you can do something for them.

(side note, I don't think I could even explain why I had to get a passport now either...that was a crazy situation...totally worth it though)

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