Thursday, November 3, 2011


It's only November 3rd and I'm already posting up an awkward picture of myself to cover up the fact that there isn't a real entry here today.  In my defense, I threw a bridal shower last night, have been super loopy today and am trying to get the house less crazy for dinner guests in a few minutes.  These two lovely ladies helped out last night by being fabulous celebri-chefs while I just ran around freaking out.

Micheal (only the greatest guitarist ever) is still in the ICU and things continue to be uphill.  Please keep those prayers coming!!!!


Heidi said...

I'm checking in with you here, because I KNOW you'll read this. Are you okay???

Also, I love this picture of you. How do you always manage to look adorable?

Jane said...

Everytime I see you your hair looks different and I am reminded how much I wish mine was more like yours. How do you make it grow so fast?

Elizabeth said...

You look fabulous, the pictures on facebook tell me the shower went fabulous, and this totally counts as an entry. Love ya!

Thanks for the update! Prayer are a comin'!!

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