Friday, November 4, 2011

mommy brain

I'm a mess.  Case in point:

Yesterday at my mother's group thing, the activity was yoga.  I didn't think I'd be joining since they usually need me to help with childcare, but lo and behold I was unneeded and able to join in.  Woohoo!  Except I didn't dress for it or have a yoga mat.  I live just up the hill from the meeting, so I jumped in my car to get my mat.  After I grabbed it, I went to my kitchen and ate a cookie.  It wasn't until I was back in the parking lot of the meeting thing that I realized the mat was still in my kitchen by the cookies.


I went ahead and did it without one.  I swear I can't think straight lately.  I even took a nap yesterday, and I do NOT nap.  It gives me a headache, but my body was all STOP so I did.  And NO I'm not pregnant.  Ug, it's such a cliche, people.  I'd totally tell you if I was.  Blarrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrg.  Really,  I feel like my brains are falling out of my head.  Last weekend I accidentally took the husband's heart medicine which made me all dizzy and tired, and I'm feeling like that again.  Except I KNOW I didn't take his medicine again, I've checked over and over.  I think I need a nurse to dispense my vitamins and whatnot.

Lessee... um... hey, guess what I did today?  Took WG to school, had a playdate/taught violin to some friends, picked up WG, had a lunch playdate where the Dude screamed bloody murder the entire time, asking for "eggs" which turned out to be a pacifier.  I have no idea where that one came from.  Came home, gave him a nap, gave WG a violin lesson, a piano lesson, ate another cookie (and a half) and then wrote this.

Yeah, I'm just as bored as you are.  Maybe I can save this entry with a picture of me with a cupcake?

I didn't think so.  Now WG wants to do some WiiFit yoga.  Wish me luck!


Cathie said...

Out of all that, I come away with "What's wrong with your husband's heart?" I guess it hits closer to home than the rest.

Jane said...

Maybe he switched his medicine to a different bottle and put your vitamins in his bottle just in case you wanted to try his again?
You could make one of the house chores be "doctor" and whoever's turn it is gets to dispense the medicines. Works well for a family in our ward. They LOVE it when it's their turn for "doctor" and they get to pass out all the vitamins and other stuff.

Elizabeth said...

Good luck!!! :)

(I love November...I get a treat every day when I get home from work! Love your blog updates!)

neonorangeds said...

Your life sounds hectic and you deserved that nap.

And, you look sooo beautiful in the picture!

I also love the colorful chairs at your table :)

tuba.girl said...

I think it might be you're body trying to cope with stress. Possibly? I had the exact same thing happen to me this past year when my friend Tiffany passed away and my friends mom died in a car accident just a couple weeks. Blonde moments increase ten-fold. You're always tired. It's almost like your stuck in a funk. I, personally, also experienced some pretty intense mood swings. Like, happy one moment and bawling the next. Don't worry, you'll make it out eventually. But sometimes the body subconsciously acts totally and completely weird when stress is involved.

The Atomic Mom said...

Hahaa! You had a Hammy moment with your cookie! (If you don't know who Hammy is, you must watch Over the Hedge. Hammy is a squrrel who loves cookies).

HEAR YE. I need to document the fact that I ran 3 miles and didn't feel like death.  So just to make sure it wasn't a fluke, I did...