friday is a wrap

If I was a really good blogger, I would have taken a ton of fancy pictures of the cheese fondue I made for dinner tonight.  But, I'll be a nice yet lazy blogger and instead post a link to said super easy, super kid friendly recipe.  You're welcome!

I'll continue this lazy trend my telling you that I have house guests and this blog will be very short and dull.  The Iowa cousins are there and the kids are in hog heaven.  The adults are in ENTERTAIN THEM SO THEY DON'T START BREAKING THINGS OR EACH OTHER mode.  I'm currently entertaining them with Bill Nye the Science Guy so the husband and his sister can record a song for our super awesome Christmas album.  Did I tell you we're recording one this year?  Yeah, we're that cool.  I'll let you know when it's available and blowing up the charts and all that.

I'll leave us all this this truism.  WonderGirl discovered our Calvin and Hobbes books and is devouring them like mad.  It's funny the things a 5 year old does and doesn't get.


tuba.girl said…
Oh my goodness! I love Bill Nye the Science Guy! It was a sad day when they decided to stop airing them on the PBS channel. They were the staple tv show of my childhood! I liked the Magic School Bus too =D
Jane said…
Oh My Goodness! I love Calvin & Hobbs though I think if it were my kid, I would have strangled him by now. So funny though.
Elizabeth said…
Yay for fondue!! Glad it was good! And yay for Christmas albums!! I want a copy! My best friend and her family made one and gave me a copy for Christmas one year. One of my favorite Christmas gifts.
Hi. I thought you needed to know that we still look at this too.
Anonymous said…
Five year old 'devouring' Calvin & Hobbes? Very precocious. A little scary. Super cool.

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