Monday, November 14, 2011


I got medicated today.  I realized I could not win this fight, and even though my snot levels are low, there is a sinus monster that could not be tamed by mere will and neti pot alone.

The nice nurse lady came in and said - "Oh my, you look different!  Are you feeling okay??"

I blanked.  "It's Monday... I'm in a doctor's office..." when I was really thinking that yes, I am well aware that I look like death warmed over but I've had a headache for a week now and ever since that blasted daylight savings I've been waking up at 5am or earlier.  Oh, the kids transitioned fine, I'm the one who is an insomniac, although I don't actually get up at 5am.  I just lay there for an hour or so, simmering in self-hatred because I know I'm exhausted and need more sleep, but I also know I can't fall back asleep because my brain is just mean and won't turn off.

I'm not very pleasant by 6am.

So anywho, while I was in the doctor's office I figured I'd ask some other questions I've been wondering - like how do you keep a 2 year old's finger out of his nose (her official answer - you can't.  And don't try the Vaseline thing because he'll eat it.  He totally will, too) and some hypothetical questions about my medical history and medications if I do decide to get pregnant.  After hearing my questions, she got all huffy and asked my why on earth I would consider having another child if I had these concerns - and told me to just adopt.  I love how more than one doctor/medical professional has told me this.  *sarcasm*  

On the plus side, the amoxicillin is doing its trick!  I'm now slightly less woozy and crabtastic!


Jane said...

Regular people are entitled to their opinion, but medical professionals should just answer the question they are asked and stop editorializing.
Can you read when you are in bed in the mornings? That's what I do when I can't sleep or wake up earlier than I need to get up. *Sometimes* it puts me back to sleep for a while.

Elizabeth said...

Yay for amoxicillin!! I love that stuff...makes me feel better every time I have had it!

I'm totally an insomniac, and one thing I try to get me to fall back asleep is to remember how it felt as I was falling asleep the last time I did and to try and trick my body into feeling like that again. Sometimes it works.

Anonymous said...

What's the good of fair-weather health professionals? Not very professional, that's for sure. Healthy people don't need 'em anyway. Maybe they're huffy 'cause they only see problems all day. How sad...too bad.

The Atomic Mom said...

Oh my GRACIOUS!??!! Just adopt? You do not know how mad that makes adopting is just so easy. Attention Kroger shoppers, we're having a special on toddlers on isle 3, with your shoppers card you get a newborn free.

And she also wins the question of the year of course you do not feel well in the drs office on a Monday morning...newsflash.

Holy cow, that's just it holy cow.

HEAR YE. I need to document the fact that I ran 3 miles and didn't feel like death.  So just to make sure it wasn't a fluke, I did...