Tuesday, November 15, 2011

this post is all over the place, proceed with cookies

I took a walk with the Dude today.  He's been a little trying the last two days and it was nice to have some fresh air with him and hear what he has to say - like  "Oh, a airplane!"  or "I see a car!'  or "I see green!"  From the moment he was born, we knew he was so, so, so excited to have this turn to come to earth.  He's ravenous to discover everything it has to offer.  And equal to that is the excitement he has over this body he has been given.  Every new step he takes is accompanied by hysterical fits of laughter and joy.  Walking, running, sliding, spinning, he's a junkie for this earth existence.  He just can't get enough of it.

Of course, the same also goes for sweets.  I have to detox him after he's had any amount of juice or treat - he wants more more more and life is simply not worth living if there he cannot have it this very instant.  Now, I wouldn't have a problem with this if he would eat vegetables or sandwiches or... well, just about all of the food I give him.  And then he's a hungry cranky mess and I'm a stubborn cranky mess that refuses to give in, even if it means living with an angry Tasmanian devil of a son half the time.

In his defense, WonderGirl was the exact same way about eating - worse, actually.  I'm wondering what I am doing wrong... but then I have to remind myself that WG came out of the womb the pickiest eater ever.  Ug.

Now, before I get angry I have to remember that this is the same little boy who climbed up in my lap this morning and sang me The Itsy Bitsy Spider with the hand motions and Head Shoulders Knees and Toes while pointing to the correct parts of my body.  He loves to sing, but usually he prefers to have someone sing to him so he can listen and stare in awe, so this morning was a very special treat.  And then he hugged me and told me he loved his sister.

I'm thinking about all this so I don't have to think about my grown-up life and how much I want to punch health insurance in the face.  You can argue all you want, but making employers the provider of insurance is just a terrible idea.  It's not fair to the companies and it's not fair to the workers.  And if you want to argue this point, just call me and I'll give you an earful of my personal reasons.  A big punch-you-in-the-ear full.

It doesn't help that I still have this awful headache.  But I do have a bit of happy news today -  Michael is totally off the respirator and winking at nurses.  It's still a looooooong road, but it was just what I needed to hear.  Big fat happy tears all over this joint.


Manda said...

Robert is also a sweets fiend. But he'll eventually eat something else when I hold out (though it's the mother of all tantrums--actually, just about any contradiction brings on the mother of all tantrums from him). And he loves to sing, too. Isn't it just the sweetest thing when they sing for you? Melty happy moments.

Jane said...

If it helps, we're born wired to like sugar and have to learn to like vegetables. He's just to busy with other stuff to get to the vegetable part yet.

Padme said...

Um, I hope you know that the only reason I'm considering having children is so that one of my daughters can marry your son. So start subliminally indoctrinating him now. He will be so inexplicably attracted to my female offspring that he won't be able to help proposing.

Maria said...

What an adorable little boy he is!!

jkcurtis said...

Wow -- I can't believe how big he's getting! What fun! Oh and by the way, I totally agree with you about the health insurance. Miss seeing you all.

The Atomic Mom said...

SBJ would be happy as a clam if I let him eat candy canes all day.

As for heath-ins and employers, yes they should be seperate things all together. This is the root of the issue all together. Thanks FDR, price controls and WW2 for that mess.

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