Wednesday, November 16, 2011

GPOYW - fashion blogger pose edition

I love a good Mormon fashion blogger but the pictures make me giggle.  Except for Heidiluxe, who keeps it real - and all of us in stitches.  This is my homage to the Mormon fashion blogger - hand in my hair, pouty lips, looking intently at something on the ground.  But it's a self portrait because there is no way I'd get the husband to agree to follow me walking around with crossed legs and take pictures of it.

I'm currently boring the heck out of myself, and especially on this blog.  I am hitting that NaBloPoMo slump where I realize there's a good reason that I don't post every day.  I'm dull.  And then I spent  the morning as the worst mom in the ClownTown library, because my Dude was throwing massive fits up one side of the building and the other.

I went home and bawled my face off to my mom and then put the Dude down for a nap.  Once he was asleep, I decided today would not be a bad day.  No, I was taking control of my destiny!  I hopped onto Pinterest and decided to do at least one thing I've pinned.  I did two - some yummy healthy cookies for the Dude, and I glittered a pair of old flats (thanks, Natalie!).


Teeny bit of glitter, and some Elmer's glue and water.  I heard that was a good Mod Podge substitute, I'll tell you if it worked or not.

I was feeling better.  I created, dagnabit.  I was about to make some knock-offs of those delicious mall pretzel bites when I realized it was violin lesson time.  At the end of the lesson, I decided I'd play her the song I was going to teach her in January.  I told her the name, and before I could play it - she PLAYED IT FOR ME.  My jaw was all over the floor.  "Where did you learn that??!?!" I asked.  She giggled.  "I heard you teach it once."  People, she overheard a lesson I taught at least 4 months ago and then PLAYED IT FOR ME.

She did NOT get those brains from me.  I am so glad I procreated with a genius.


Elizabeth said...

Seriously. America's Got Talent. Do it.

Maria said...

Your daughter is truly a genius-wow!!! It's just incredible how advanced she has always been and how musically talented she is! She is an amazing little girl:-)

Jane said...

Those shoes are awesome!! How did you do it? And tell me if the glitter stays or all falls off tomorrow, 'kay?
Those kind of talented people scare me. Just so you know.

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