Wednesday, November 30, 2011


GPOYW - SUSHI!!! edition.  I know, I've failed the end of this November. But I gave it a pretty good run for a few weeks!  I'm currently back home freaking out about all the things I have to freak out about.  I'm a terrible YW president, an awful mother and a crummy cook.  At least I feel like it today (okay, the cook part I feel all the time).  I'll be back... well, I don't know when, as my week is hitting a crazy pace right now, culminating in having to chaperone a youth dance Friday (NOOOOOOOOOOO).  Happy November, everybody!


Jane said...

Chaperoning youth dances is not what it was when I was a youth. The music stinks, the kids are obnoxious and the food makes me feel ill - just looking at it. Here's to Saturday!

Elizabeth said...

Um. You are not a crappy YW President. That is so not even possible for you.

You are NOT a terrible Mom. You are probably the coolest Mom out there.

You are a very creative cook. :)

Love ya tons!

Anonymous said...

My man & I chaperoned a youth dance back in the day and decided to try a dance we'd seen called the BUMP. Lo 'n behold ... we were approached and asked to leave the floor.
Good times.

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