Monday, December 19, 2011

Merry freakin' Christmas

I just made a Christmas present for WonderGirl.  I'm not going to write what it is or post a picture, because she can and will read this.  I'm not writing about that though.  I'm writing about how excited I was while I made it, and in my excitement it dawned on me that this is the kind of thing just about any of you could make in their sleep.  But I'm a newbie to the sewing and domestic thing.

I thought about how awesome everyone else is compared to me.  Because I do that, especially right when I get a little uppity.  I'm all "I'm the best crafter-mom-thing EVERRRR" and then a little voice comes in is all "Dude, calm down.  You're 32.  This is the kind of thing a 10 year old can make.  And that seam just came undone, genius."

It's good to have a built-in filter, except for days following yesterday and my big fail at just about everything I should be doing at church and home.  Gahhhhhhhh.  Heck, the Dude peed though his diaper and all over both of our church clothes during Sacrament meeting, and that wasn't even the low point of the day.

So I'm sitting here at the kitchen table, contemplating whether or not I should attend my own pity party, when I hear the Dude in the next room, screaming "WON-FUL!!!  COUN-LOR!!!  DE MIGHTY GAHHHHHH, 'E EVERWAAA FA-ER, DA PINCE O PEAS!!!" along with WonderGirl's and my recording of For Unto Us a Child Is Born playing on the stereo.    That's not too shabby.

10 year old me could have been learning to sew, but I'm not a multi-tasker, and never was.  So first, I learned the music thing, now this.  And I was a terrible violinist for a really long time before I got any good, so I guess it's okay if 9 out of 10 of every sewing project I try ends up in complete disaster.  Let's not even get into the edibility of my cooking...

Anywho, instead of crying (which I honestly did just about enough of yesterday) I turned the music up.  Did I mention we made a Christmas album, my little family and I?  Just a few tunes, you can hear them plus some of  the rest of my family's Christmas awesomeness HERE.

Or, if you are in a hurry, listen to WG screaming Joy to the World at you.  I particularly like the husband's guitar work on this one.

And I made a video of For Unto Us along with my ma-in-law's artwork, if you're interested.

For now, the pity party has been shut down.  But good golly, it would sure be nice to feel like I have any kind of grasp on all I'm supposed to be doing as YW prez.  For Christmas, I think I would like to have the gift of suddenly being organized and on the ball.  Anyone have any extras of that??


Cathie said...

If it makes you feel any better, I'm pretty sure no one ever knows what they're doing. The whole almost-year I was in the RS pres last time (actually, the time before, too) and it was my turn to conduct, I was like "holy cow, I don't know what's going on." Everyone is just faking it.

Jane said...

Guess who just got made Relief Society president yesterday?
And had one of the sisters practically brain another sister on the head with the attendance clipboard.
On purpose.
While we were supposed to be practicing our song for the Christmas program.
Oh the screaming, ah that yelling...

Manda said...

I wish we lived close enough for you to teach me and my kids violin. I always wanted to learn. Although I've recently discovered I'm slow, sluggish and pretty much useless at reading music.

BTW, Evie has that same flower shirt as WG. Yay for Target!

Heidi said...

You and I need to have a serious talk. Because I think you are doing a remarkable job at everything you do. And I hate it. Because I am constantly comparing myself to you and feeling like a failure. So cheer up. It could be could be me!!!!!!!

Elizabeth said...

You know...I did write this incredible comment on here and I don't know where it went. Basically it said 'ditto what Heidi says, except me instead of Heidi'.

I was going to do a comparison of our lives just to prove this fact, but you can do it on your own. Would trade you in a heartbeat, my amazing friend.

And whenever you filter your amazingness, repeat this matra: I am in a band...I am in a band...and then smile. :)

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