Friday, December 23, 2011

merry .

"I don't feel like I'm gave the kids Christmas today," I told husband just before bed.  "I'm trying to stay positive, but I don't think I'm giving that magic feeling to them.  They deserve magic."

"Let's sing carols for our scripture study," he said simply.  And a few moments later I heard him upstairs, tuning the guitar.  Just as we gathered the kids into the family room, he got a call from our Brasilian friend who had just bought a car today, and had then just wrecked it.  He immediately put on his coat and rushed out to help translate with the police.

I pulled out our nativity - these small ornaments we put on a small tree, as WonderGirl told the Dude the Christmas story.  I grabbed the guitar and we sang Silent Night, Joy to the World, We Three Kings and For Unto Us A Child Is Born.  The Dude sang all the words he recognized with gusto.

Even though the husband had to leave, as always his answer was just the thing we needed.  I smiled at WG and the Dude and saw the magic in their eyes.  I felt Christmas.


Jane said...

By small and simple things... Good thing there are husbands who love us.

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Anonymous said...

You switched from Erma to Dickens in this blog...and did a great job of it. You rock!

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