Monday, January 30, 2012

365 days 14-16


I took this just before bed. My skin hates cold and flu season.
Searching. The Dude took a necklace of mine and hid it somewhere in my room. I think. The necklace that has all the charms my bridesmaids hid on my wedding dress. GAH.


Surprise! Our recent bouts of the plague made our Monday morning look bleak. Until I threw the kids into the bath with shaving cream and water guns.

Honestly, I cannot remember the last time I slept past 4am.  The sicknesses, the finicky Dude have all conditioned my body to wake up and stay up.  This morning it was 3am.  I lay there, wheezing and cursing my brain as I try to count backwards from 100 but get lost around 70 every ^%$^%$# time because I start singing really dumb songs over and over and over in my head until the Dude starts yelling.  This is not a good use of 2 hours.  Or any hours.
You know those anniversary videos I do every year?  Each time when I sit down and start reviewing the pictures from the last year, I find barely any from January to April, and then each month has more and more until December explodes all over the place.  February?  Meh.  This is like the armpit of the year.  Cold, sick, BAH.  
There's a silver lining though - last fall my mom was planning a trip here and we decided instead of in the fall when we are all happy and snap-happy, we should save the visit for when I am desperate and miserable.  That's next week, woohoo!  I'm going to dress up all fancy for church and wear my new skirt.  That skirt deserves heels and I just can't wrangle both kids through church by myself in anything that looks remotely cute.
In conclusion, I found out the Dude is not the only toddler who uses his hair as a napkin.  And that made me feel better as a mother and human.


Elizabeth said...

Love ya! Love the shaving cream/water gun idea! Totally saving that one. Yay for your Mom coming, that sounds so fantastic!

Thinking about you a lot...hope the kids get weller faster...I keep seeing posts on facebook about sickness in your house. Need to Lysol the whole place down and hopefully kill that stupid plague!

aubrey said...

i totally agree with the armpit month of the year. for here it is usually anytime between march and june because we're all WAITING for spring and then summer to come and it takes so blasted long to get here. that is when i usually plan a vacation or road trip. it just makes sense.

aubrey said...

i just noticed that i'm on your sidebar. awwww.

The Pagets in Florida said...

It has been super dry down here too.

Anonymous said...

That's what my dad discovered works very well at a decent price for dry skin...applied several times daily.

Heidi said...

I am so happy that we have made you feel better about yourself as a mother and a human. At least I've accomplished something sort of useful this week.

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