Friday, January 27, 2012

365 lucky 13


New skirt. I took a chance on a $9 skirt that I didn't have time to try on yesterday, and I scored! I also forgot to take this earlier and discovered the only decent lighting at 4:30pm is my bathroom. That does not have a full-length mirror, so you'll have to imagine it ending just bellow my knees.


jennaroo said...

2. $9!!!!!
Awesome deal indeed!

Elizabeth said...

HOLY FREAKING COW!! HOOOOOOTTTTTT!!! Hope you are going on a seriously hot date with that outfit...LOVE it!!

Jane said...

I'm still waiting for the good light in my bathroom. Do you think it could be at 3:30am?

The Pagets in Florida said...

So, forgive my ignorance as a guy, but why does it need 2 buckles? I mean, I remember having a teacher in High School that wore a belt that was so narrow (and small) it made him look like a tied up pork-roast. But you obviously don't have that problem. So, why are there 2 buckles instead of just one slightly larger one?

aubrey said...

gah! love the skirt, love the price. wishing i could see it full length though. boo.

Anonymous said...

WO!! Excellent price. Excellent fit.
Most excellent looking on ya!!
What a joy to have such a fetching pencil skirt to interchange in your eclectic wardrobe.

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