Tuesday, January 17, 2012

365 thingy

So I'm doing this 365 thing.  I'd been considering doing one, and then Elizabeth posted a thingy on FB - her friend is a photographer hosting a 365 thing and there are prizes.  I like prizes.  There are also prizes just for participating.  I like prizes for just participating.  

I'm a little on the fence about it because it's a 365 self-portrait thing, and the rule is we have to be IN every picture in some way.  It's kind of a challenge though, so I'm with it for now.  Plus he said if we did it we'd get better at this photography thing and I like being better at stuff.  I don't know if I'll post them all here, but you can see them on my Flickr page.

I'll be nice though and show you what I've done so far.


Today is my 7th wedding anniversary. 7 crazy years, and the sheer amount of trying to hang on shows in my hands. When I look at my ring, though - it makes me feel like he just gave it to me yesterday.


Up all night with sick kids plus being sick yourself earns a pass on the day.


I live in Lilliput.


Jane said...

Nice! I like the captions almost better than the pictures.
I look forward to 365 of you!

The Atomic Mom said...

So many of my uber talented friens, of which you are one, are doing this or a similar challenge. Good luck! :)

Gabby said...

Good for you! I did P365 in 2010, and I managed to get through out, and so can you. Sometimes I got great shots, and sometimes they were mediocre, but they were all about life, so. I think it's interesting that yours have to include you, but that's the beauty of the P365. Whatever you want. 1 pic a day!

BTW, your poor hands!! :( May I recommend 2 things I love to use? 1: Melaluca hand wash. My hands don't get so dried out when I use that stuff, like other hand soaps. 2: Bath and Body Works Shea Cashmere hand lotion. Makes my hands so soft, isn't greasy, and a little goes a long way. I usually put it on at night (as it is a little pricey, for the size). I still have little dry spots, but not as bad as I used to during the winter.

Keep at the photo thing! YOu'll feel so accomplished!! *hugs*

Phat Fiddle said...

You are so clever. Keep at it - but do remember the hand moisturizer!

Elizabeth said...

Yay!!! (Sorry, I have been slightly internet-less for a few days, thus the belated comment!) So glad I posted my friends link for this! LOVE the Lilliput photo, genius!

You know, your poor fingers only made me think of all the work they do...calluses from violining, dry from the thousand times you probably wash your hands, the efforts you put into cleaning/taking care of the kiddos/etc., blogging, photo-taking, loving, fixing, etc. I think it's quite a real and honest picture with your fingers. Love it.

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