Friday, January 20, 2012


*pant pant*  I'm alive.  Life has been so uncertain and out-of-control that I've been having trouble breathing.  Also, all of us had the stomach bug, and then yesterday the Dude and I got sore throats. But then some good news came into day.  Not the good kind that lets me know where life is heading, but good enough that I got a second wind.  I'm still wearing my pajamas and my hair looks like a bird's nest, but I did a load of laundry and the dishes.   HOLLA.

As I was doing said dishes, I put on one of my favorite Turtle Island String Quartet CDs on and WonderGirl sat on a stool to keep me company while the Dude tried to crawl up the pantry.  After a bit, she asked thoughtfully "Mommy, is this Muvaldi's Four Seasons?"

Me... shock...listening...yes, this was a JAZZ arrangement of Vivaldi's Winter.  Goodness gracious.  How on earth did she know that??  So I'm feeling slightly better, when the Dude crashes to the ground.  I could tell by the sound it was probably just a flesh wound, so didn't turn around.  "Mommy," the Dude moaned.  "Owwwie elbow." He put it in my face and asked "may please have kiss?"

My daughter recognizes Vivaldi works.  My son knows where his elbow is. And what an elbow is.  I'm feeling so blessed with tender mercies right now I could just cry.  Wait, already did that.  Now I'm smiling.

It's your turn to smile.  I ran across a set of photos of men taking pictures in poses women typically do.

I love this for multiple reasons, not the least of which shows how ridiculous the idea of what attracts some males.  Sheesh.

Also,check out this pic of a closet that some awesome parents turned into a pirate ship:

I plan on being that awesome someday.


April_Mommy said...

As awesome as that pirate ship is, and believe me I thought for a minute about how cool that would be, I then thought, but where would they put their clothes? :-P

Elizabeth said...

You know...there are some men who could put themselves into that pose and I would probably find it attractive...just sayin'...

...Maybe I am just getting desperate in my old maidenhood...:/

neonorangeds said...

Hmmm... if you have an extra closet. I'm thinking those people must have a big house with plenty of room to store things!

Cute though.

Glad you're feeling better!!

The Pagets in Florida said...

You see closet, I see bedroom.

HEAR YE. I need to document the fact that I ran 3 miles and didn't feel like death.  So just to make sure it wasn't a fluke, I did...