Monday, February 6, 2012

365 days 19-23

I like this shirt, but I am slightly worried it makes me look like Jon Gosselin.


This joint is jumping. Just a typical Friday afternoon Goat Rodeo dance party.


Self explanatory.


Sunday is over. How is the day of rest also the busiest and most stressful?


Time to rock!
Okay, so this 365 thing was all about getting better at photography and documenting my year and all that, but I'm quickly running out of ideas and my pictures are actually getting worse.  It's also tricky that the one stipulation of the 365 thing is that I have to be in every shot, and I generally have only one day a week that I don't look homeless.  Hardly photo-ready.  It's a challenge.  Any bright ideas?


Jane said...

There are lots of parts of you we haven't seen yet. Ears, ankles, nostrils. Get creative! :)

Gabby said...

You can probably do a search for Project 365 ideas and get some cool blogs that will give you ideas. Also, a good place to look at images for inspiration is Flickr. Tons of peeps post their P365s there.

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