Tuesday, February 7, 2012

why he rocks

I just got done putting the Dude down for a nap and thought to myself that after my long rant about parenting that boy, I should focus on all his positives today.  Because he is really quite fabulous.

  • He sleeps.  He really does nap like a champ, and for that I know I'm incredibly blessed.  He gathers his "yellow" (paci) and all the burp cloths he can find and waddles with them to his room, climbs up on my lap and begs me to read to him.  At night, he turns the light off and requests song after song before he asks me to recite "Goodnight Moon" and finishes with "all done!  Night night!  Love you too!"  No matter how rough our day was, he always closes with that.  *melt*
  • We used to call WG a gratifying child because she is so fun-loving, she appreciates any effort made to love on her.  The Dude is if anything an even more gratifying child because if you smile at him, touch his ear or hop with him, he collapses in a fit of giggles and pure joy.   As tiring as he is, he does try hard to make it worth my while.
  • If there's a cookie he can smell somewhere we're all screwed, but for the most part if I can get excited enough about something else it's not too hard to get him on board.  Especially if tickling is involved.  
  • He does have the smarts, and for that I'm thankful.  I'm really a dunce and my kiddos have to be given an extra measure of brains to compensate.  So he's not as verbal as WG was at this age, but boy howdy can this kid count.  So we're good.
  • Oh, and he's a musician.  I've never met a child that was more moved by music - he feels it, he anticipates cadences, recalls modulations (and their accompanying choreography) and dances like a pro.  It's inside him.  Once he gets started on violin and piano, I'm going to let him have a go at the drums.  It's gonna be epic!
  • When he was born, husband made the observation that it seemed the Dude was genuinely just excited to be here on Earth.  This simple statement describes the Dude perfectly.  He is SO excited by life.  He is so thrilled at every new thing he gets to encounter.  He lives his life in exclamation points and italics.

To me, the Dude is living proof that there is a higher being, and that He loves me.  Despite all my flaws and failures, I get to live with this won't-sit-still-for-storytime-or almost-anything-else kid every day.  And that deserves alllllll the exclamation points.  !!!!!!!!!


Jane said...

It's true, you got some fantabulous kids, and especially, the first and last items there are beyond awesome.

The Atomic Mom said...

I will never get tired of saying it, but Dude had the most delicious cheeks!

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