Wednesday, February 8, 2012


OMIGOODNESSMYMOMISONHERWAYTOWISCONSINRIGHTNOW.  I can't express how MUCH I need my mom right now.  I need her to help me organize, love my children and tell me everything will be okay.  I need her to remind me what I've lived through before and how my current crisis is nothing new.  I need her to ruin my pictures as evidenced by the above photo.  I need her to play with the kids and give me insight and inspiration.  I need her energy and excitement.  I need to see my kids go berserk for her attention.  I even need her inappropriate jokes.

I'm sure your mom is nothing short of fabulous as well.  So you get what I mean.  

Also, in an attempt to remind myself that motherhood for me has been and always will be a chaotic mess, I looked up some evidence in old blog entries of the insanity WonderGirl wrought.  This one from September 2008 makes me feel slightly better. 

Why on EARTH does WonderToddler run away from me  in public?  Like today at the pool -  running away from me constantly, when all the other kids were content to play in one place.  She kept getting out of the pool, tried to jump in the deep end and smashed her face on the concrete a few times.  It wasn’t until she got covered in some ants and nasty bites that she stayed with me and listened.  The other kids didn’t do that… are they better kids than my kid, or are their parents just better parents than I am?  I must’ve looked like a horrific mom, shrieking and yelling like that.When she went down for a nap a few minutes ago, I held on a little longer before putting her in bed and hugged her close, apologizing for not being the best of mommies today and snapping every time I had to chase her down.  She squeezed my neck tight and said “I love you Mommy.”I may be a crummy mom, but at least she makes me want to try harder.
Ahhhhhhh.  I can't wait to run away from MY mom in public!!  T-minus 4-ish hours!!  The 5 hour round trip to the Milwaukee airport doesn't even phase me.  MOMMY TIME!!!!!!


neonorangeds said...

aaww, I'm so happy for you.

Also: you sound like an amazing mom -- even if you don't always feel that way. Someday, should I ever have children, I know I'll remember the things I've read here. (And probably feel like a horrible mom by comparison :)

hope you have a fabulous time with your mom!!

Morgan -Ing said...

Enjoy your mama. I hope your current crisis grows a bit more manageable, and less RIGHT in your face as it seems to be. Hang in there darling. :)

Jane said...

Rest assured she will do all of the above, including the inappropriate jokes. Your mom is an adventure.
Have a good time!

Elizabeth said...

Yay for your Mom! It will be a most excellent time, guaranteed!!

Teresa said...

YAYAYAYAY! Moms help us get organized sooooo hard! Love it!

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