Wednesday, February 15, 2012


...chirp chirp....

You still here??  Awesome!!  Honestly, I was so wrapped up in my mom this past week I barely touched the intrawebs.  Being happy is far too over-rated if it interferes with my cool online persona.

But alas.... she is gone.  ARG.  Life is still all skewumpas but what a marvelous thing it was to have my mom here to dote on the kids and love on me.  The Dude is all kinds of lost without her.  I have no idea where she gets her energy, but she managed to keep up with him and tickle, squeeze and rough house with him to his heart's content.  She knew exactly what he needed and boy howdy was he a happy camper.  

And she read to WonderGirl, told her secrets and danced with her, helped me think straight and go on adventures... we were all in heaven.  

I'm going to be a bit rusty with this interwebs thing, so bear with me, but for now I'll post all of my 365 pics from the last week. Try to contain yourselves.

I'm squishing your head!
On my way to pick mom up from the airport!!!! Totally worth the 4 hour round trip.

Happy homemaker, aerial edition.
Date night! It was a spontaneous decision, spurred by the generous offer from my mom to watch the kids. This was the first time I actually got dolled up in weeks and it HAD to be documented. I snapped this on the way out of the house, not realizing my backdrop included a laundry basket and shampoo bottle. So I spiffied em up in Picnik with mustaches!
Temple bound!
Holding on.
Last minute shot in the entryway mirror.  Wazzup.
Playing footsie with mom while reading Dinotopia. I declare it a mahvelous way to spend Valentine's Day.

On the way back from the Milwaukee airport, this time sans mom.  Those are not happy tears.


Morgan -Ing said...

You look hot for your date. And I love the mustaches. I prefer to pronounce it "muh-stache" as opposed to "mush-tash". It sounds fancy.

ANYWAY! I'm glad you enjoyed your mama, and I'm sorry she left.

Jane said...

Poor thing. I hope it all gets better soon.

Kersten said...

You look awesome!!!

HEAR YE. I need to document the fact that I ran 3 miles and didn't feel like death.  So just to make sure it wasn't a fluke, I did...