Friday, February 17, 2012

maybe a salad

When mom came, she insisted on getting Subway for lunch almost every day. For someone who loves food someone ELSE made/compiled, it was a treat.  It wasn't until near the end of the trip that she admitted it was all a plot to get vegetables into me.  She says we don't eat enough good stuff, which is true. I hate getting food the kids might not eat and then I don't eat it fast enough and then it goes bad... blarg.  But we also don't eat junk either.  It's a weird mix.  On her last day here, she actually took me to Costco (not a short drive from here in the boonies) and spent an unearthly amount on food.  Industrial sized bags of flax seed AND bacon, among others.

So my lunch today:  sun-dried tomatoes, mushrooms, sweet peppers, bacon and Catalina dressing.

I love my mommy!!


Cathie said...

So buy enough for just you and the hubs. And if the kids eat some, woohoo, and if not, oh well. I drink a lot of all-fruit smoothies and call it good.

Jane said...

Get what you like and let that - or nothing - be the choice for the night. I seem to remember a post a while back when WG was hungry enough she'd eat even a *gasp* potato.
There are many ready made vegetable dishes at most supermarkets to appease your need for someone else to do the work.

aubrey said...

ok. you sound exactly like me. i'm the only one who tries my darndest to eat fresh fruits and vegetables with each meal and no one else does so they end up going bad because i can't eat it all and then i feel like it's a waste of money and i feel guilty. i'm trying bountiful baskets this week and told paul that he has to support me in this eating more fruits and vegetables. and we're not junk food eaters, we eat good meals..they're just not balanced with the fruits and vegetables.

p.s. your mom sounds awesome.

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