Monday, February 20, 2012

behold the power of baked goods

The Dude has entered that dreaded phase where he doesn't go down for naps easily, but still very very very much needs them.  One side effect of this is the process of getting him sleepy gets me super sleepy too.  When WonderGirl hit this point, I had the option of napping too (on non-teaching days of course), but now nap time is violin time and piano time and quick-let's-read-every-book-and-do-every-project-that-the-Dude-would-probably-destroy time.
So when I crawled into bed and WG climbed on top of me today, I had to start thinking solutions.  Cookies.  "Please, I'm so tired," I moaned.  "Maybe cookies would wake me up."
She hopped down and right back with a plate of cookies and carrots to revive us.
It totally worked.  Is there anything cookies cannot do? 


Liezel said...

How sweet :)

Jane said...

Not much is impervious to cookies. What kind are your/her favorite?

Elizabeth said...

:) Boy howdy I love that girl of yours. And you of course. :) Love that she balanced it out with the carrots.

aubrey said...

ha! such a sweet story. and picture to go with it. and no, there is nothing cookies cannot do.


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