Wednesday, March 7, 2012

365 day 52

Jump for joy!!

All the insanity I've been alluding to has resolved a bit today.  The husband resigned from his job and accepted an offer from another company.  It has been a long, scary slog of us not knowing where we should end up or what we should do, and this decision did NOT come easily.  There were offers and opportunities outside of Wisconsin that we would have looooooved to have taken, but nothing felt right.  Even this decision didn't feel right for a long time.  Stay in Wisconsin, PLUS add another half hour to the commute and cut our family time at night?  Ugh.  It's been tough.  I'm not going to lie - staying here was not our first choice.  Nothing personal, Wisconsin, but you don't make life all that easy.  I live 2 hours from a major airport, Walmart is virtually our only shopping option in town, and to get my 2 year old (who routinely licks shopping carts) to the doctor, I have to drive an hour just to get there.  And let's not get into being so far from my band mates (in Georgia... *sob*) and my musical life.  Ugh, I say.  Also, I don't drink alcohol so I have very little in common with the locals.

BUT.  We are supposed to be here for some reason.  So we are.  And at least knowing that has made me feel lighter than I have in a long time.  So when the Dude pulled all the covers off my bed and started jumping, I decided I should join him.

And now that I know we're staying put for a little while longer, I can think about decorating our bedroom a bit.  Any suggestions?


M Pepper Langlinais said...

Sounds similar to what we just went through (which is why I'll be a resident of CA as of next week . . .) But it does feel good to have a decision and a direction, doesn't it? So congrats on that much. It's always tough to feel like you're in limbo, life on hold.

Cathie said...
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Cathie said...

I'm obsessed with this grey faux brick wall at IKEA. It's much visual interest without being busy. Also, although most of my house-and-home Pinterest board is way out of reach, I do like how dramatic/easy this seems.

Morgan -Ing said...

Wisconsin is NOT easy to live in. It's HARD. But if you're supposed to be there, then darn it all, I'm so glad you figured it out. :)

Jane said...

So that means we can come visit you and get cheese curds this summer!! Woot! I can't wait to show Tarzan Wisconsin - in the summer.

Elizabeth said...

So glad that it's been figured out and is out in the open. Wish I could figure out a way to come visit you. Until I do...grey and red would totally work for your master. You could have a lot of fun with that. Do multiple shade of red, with a pretty standard grey.

There's my two bits. Much love!

Mrs. Smith said...

Wow! Kudoos to you! :-)
Yes! Jump for joy and then decorate your bedroom in a way that makes you go "Ahhhhhh" when you walk into it.
I know this is vague, but follow your heart!
If that's too hard, log in some more time on pintrest.
If that makes you feel more discouraged than encouraged, remember, all you need is a bed, nightstands with light, fabulous sheets and a sweet hubby. Looks like you're more than half-way there!

Teresa said...

Apparently on Nate Berkus, he starched a bedsheet and put it on the wall as a wallpaper and it looked really cool! Also, I just read today that if you get wallpaper with stripes, putting it horizontally gives a modern look.

aubrey said...

i'm SO glad that things got sorted out for you and you know which direction you are headed. i'm sorry it is still in wisconsin, but i'm sure your ward and your young women need strong leaders like you.

as for your bedroom? i'd need more pictures. but i definitely think something on the wall..either a series of pictures or a giant mural would be amazing.

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