Tuesday, March 6, 2012

365 days 47-51

Do YOU have glow-in-the-dark nail polish?  This isn't the best picture of it, but it's at least my first attempt.  It WORKS.  Seriously, sometimes I'm totally freaked out at night by my glowing fingernails.
Iowa bound.  We sure know how to par-tay.  Really, we needed a weekend away, and Iowa always works.

I needs me a ukulele.  F'reals.

Aaaaand home again home again jiggety jig.  Still need new shoes, obviously.

The insanity of the decision we are trying to make is almost suffocating.  In need of some distraction and inspiration, Pinterest.  I LOVE ME SOME PINTEREST.  I'm considering becoming a Pinterest missionary, since I've pretty much converted every woman in my age group at church and more.

Let's just go through my usual checklist.

Current major life decisions: still completely unresolved.
WonderGirl:  still freakishly bright and fab.  This morning she announced that strawberries are like spiders because spiders have exoskeletons on their outsides, and strawberries have their seeds on their outsides as well.  Hrm.
the Dude:  speaking like a fiend.  Still climbs on top of me regularly, puts his face right into my face and asks "Are you happy??"  I respond yes, he responds "Good."  Then climbs down again.  Also, he's been waking up with a dry diaper - any ideas on how to start potty training a boy?  I used to put WG on the potty in front of her morning PBS and she'd go within 30 minutes or so.  Tried that with the Dude and he was willing to sit there for maybe 10 minutes.  Also he didn't pee.  Poo is another thing altogether and we're on that, but boys pee slightly differently and I am not a boy.  Thoughts?

Also, I would just like to say thank you to the wonderful souls who developed DVD players for cars.  You get all the awards.


M Pepper Langlinais said...

We started Alex with sitting to pee; they don't have the aim/coordination for standing until later anyway.

Wonder Girl and Alexander would be awesome together in a scary way. Alexander asked his teachers about atomic weight the other day. They called me and said, "We teach KINDERGARTEN. We can't answer his questions." Well, sorr-ee for having such a super smart kid! Geez.

Jane said...

I would ask the Husband. He's supposed to have the same parts and he's a genius in all other regards if the reports are to be believed.

Jess said...

My little boy refused to sit down on the potty to learn. He wanted to be a "man", so I let him. We had a training potty that when you put the lid down it turned into a step. Put it in front of the toliet and whamo he was potty trained. Sometimes he would get bored with just standing there so I'd take fruit loops and drop them in the toliet and he'd have "hit" them. He thought it was great. I've also heard of adding a small dot of red fingernail polish to the back of the bowl and have them aim for that. Each kid is different but the waking up with no wet diaper is a good sign he has the means to be potty trained. Good luck in your endevours :)

Diana said...

I have a little experience with this... my second boy was the easiest to train when he started waking up with dry diapers two months before his 3rd b-day. Everytime he'd wake up dry, I'd ask him if he wanted to go "practice" being a big boy by sitting on the potty. We've always trained them sitting, because pooing requires sitting, and sometimes 1 and 2 come together.
Anyway, we would just practice at first because then there was no pressure, nearly 100% success because who DOESN'T need to pee first thing in the morning, and it built up his familiarity with the process. He'd still wear a diaper during the day so when he went and we'd change him, I'd tell him things like, "won't it be so awesome when you turn three and become a big boy and use the potty? Diapers are yucky, huh? You're getting so good at it!" So, we bought him underwear that he liked, but he couldn't wear them until his birthday. On the big day (a Sunday) he was 100% ready because we'd been talking about it, looking forward to it, and making it through whole days with dry diapers. We put him in underwear and told him, "now that you're 3, you're a big boy and you can wear these now. So make sure you tell us when you need to go! You don't want to pee on Spiderman... he hates that!" He made it and had very few accidents from the beginning. It was great.

Now, my other two were not so easy but I thought I'd share the success story first in case it works for you too! Feel free to call me... I never mind talking about body functions :). 801-404-3650

Good luck!

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