Friday, March 2, 2012

365 days 42-46




Charlie and Chocolate Factory with WonderGirl was more wonderful than I could have imagined. When we got to the part where he FINALLY got his ticket, I was in tears and she was in hysterics. (see below video for proof)


If only my own road was so well marked.


Leaping lizards! Spent Leap Day like every other day. Fabulous.


Step 1. Buy fabulous shoes. Step 2. Sew a skirt to go with it (it's an old red shirt I cut up and sewed some black stretch lace on top. Can you even see the red?) Step 3. Eventually go buy a red top to go with the rest of the ensemble.

I really can't believe I don't own a red shirt to go with this.

So, on the life front, there is still nothing I can report.  I feel like we've been put in a blender and I have no idea what the result will be.  No clue.  Last night the poor Dude was up with a coughing fit at 2am, so I went in and tried to help.  I gave him some cough and cold medicine and a cup of water and snuggled with him until he'd pass out.  He didn't, so then I tried some homeopathic cough stuff.  Nothin'.  So then I just tried a spoonful of honey.  But the coughing wouldn't stop.  I just held the poor boy and prayed.  In between sips and coughs I heard him smile in the darkness and then exclaim "Mmmmm, yummy water!"  A few minutes later when I pulled the blanket up tighter over us, he mumbled "Good job!"

For a year I prayed to hear him speak, to find out what was going on in his head.  Now that it's finally here, it's more fantastic than I could have imagined.  He's just as kind and hilarious as I thought he'd be.

And seriously, when we read about Grandpa Joe leaping out of his bed dancing for the first time in 20 years and screaming "YIPPEEEE!!!!" (while spilling cabbage soup all over Grandma Josephine) it was spectacular.  WonderGirl was so excited she could hardly stand it. And since I had the camera handy, I documented it for posterity.


Teresa said...

Ohmygosh, she is sooo much like you in her dramatic spirit! Sooo lovely! :)

Jane said...

What sort of a red shirt are you looking for to go with that skirt? I find it so hard to match reds.

aubrey said...

love the kissy photo. and you still haven't told me where you got those gorgeous red shoes from! and i must add willy wonka to my list of books to read with my kidlets. right now we are reading The Goose Girl.

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