Tuesday, April 24, 2012

365 days 98-102

Today was a rough day for both of us.  The Dude had Fifth disease (we don't have health insurance until next week, but the consensus on Facebook was overwhelming for Fifth disease so it MUST have been) I got some kind of cold/flu.  But the snuggling almost made me never want to get better.  SO MUCH SNUGGLING.

The husband got me a remote for my camera!!!  It's in my right hand there.  I wanted to take a creepy picture of my head floating from the ground with help from the stairs, but the Dude wouldn't leave me alone (still with the cuddling).  So it's a picture of me mugging on him, just to hear the giggles. Oh, my Dude is the most adorable boy human I've ever made.


After church I went outside to see what I could do with my remote.  I'm sure the neighbors regard this behavior as perfectly normal by now.  Why-oh-why doesn't this state have privacy fences???

So after a weekend that punched me in the face, stomach and throat, I had some breathing room.  And it occurred to me I live ACROSS THE STREET from a park with 3 (or 4?) soccer fields.  ACROSS THE STREET.   I could go for a de-stressing jog, just a quick one.  There's a playground for the kids, and my mom gave me these cool running shoes.  Why not?  I love playing dress-up.

I looked around my closet for clothes that might actually function in a functional way.  I had some leggings that I purchased back when leggings became cool again and then never wore them because I just shouldn't wear leggings.  But they looked kind of sporty, and it was 11:30 in the morning, so who would see anyway?  I paired it with a ginormous tee shirt to cover a bit of my booty.

I strode out into my yard feeling secretly cool and then saw at least 5 people standing on my neighbor's lawn, discussing home renovation.  And I'm pretty sure then they were all secretly mocking the strange housewife's get-up.  Instantly killed my buzz.  But I took 10 more steps and was in the park.  It's seriously across the street.  I tried to look convincing as I started jogging, but the Dude suddenly started yelling to be held and WonderGirl got really competitive and sprinted out into the fields and tried trash-talking me.  I tried to run-walk with the Dude, but I ended up walking because he kept getting mad for some reason.  I did eventually  get to the end of the field and threw mothering to the wind and ran all the way back.  WG totally beat me, fair and square.  I have no idea how far it is - 10 miles?  A quarter of a mile?  I thought I was going to die, and even though the strange people on my neighbor's lawn were gone by then, I'm pretty sure I heard the cows laughing at me.

The husband told me he'd give me a dollar if I ran around the entire park, and I might just do that if I have another crummy day.  But I'm checking the neighbor's yard first.


The Pagets in Florida said...

Privacy fences to keep the peeping tom bovines at bay?

Elizabeth said...

Where is the freaking 'like' button on these comments...FYI, I 'like' the above comment. Totally made me laugh out loud.

Jane said...

Do I want to know what Fifth disease is?
And a remote is a really cool idea.
Also, can you put up a fence and no one does or is it not allowed by the city design commission...I think I just answered my own questions.

HEAR YE. I need to document the fact that I ran 3 miles and didn't feel like death.  So just to make sure it wasn't a fluke, I did...