Wednesday, April 18, 2012

365 days 91-97

Having a yellow chair rocks.
Well helloooo there.
The local children's theater put on Charlotte's Web, so I got the brilliant notion to take WonderGirl.  But I also got the brilliant notion that she HAD to read it before she went, and then I didn't make it to the library until 2 days before.  So Friday afternoon when the Dude went for a nap, we popped some popcorn and read. And read.  And read.  For about 4 hours.  We read all of Charlotte's Web in one sitting.  SHE loved it, I got a headache, and realized that I'd forgotten how much of the plot revolved around a SPIDER.  I hate spiders.  I also had eaten leftover Easter ham for lunch.  But it was all worth it to see her watch the play.  She gets INTO these things.  I'm a fan.

Remember how annoying my laptop is?  I took this of the Google homepage trying to load.  You can ree part of my angry reflection (I added an arrow for help).
Profile.  I didn't realize how insane my hair usually looks.
Mama bear.
Unedited and freckled.


Jane said...

I know, right? When I was a kid it did not bother me at all that Charlotte was a spider. Now, I wonder why some bird flying by didn't just eat her.
Spiders don't live that long anyway.

Courtney said...

love your messy hair and freckles :)

Maria said...

You are such a wonderful and loving mother, not to mention beautiful and creative as well!

aubrey petersen said...

ha. that reading marathon is us EVERY. SINGLE. MONTH. when we have not read our book for mother/daughter book club. some months are worse than others though. so, i can relate to the headache of reading for a few hours straight.

but you eating leftover easter ham cracked me up.

we love seattle children's theater's always a treat when we get to go to one. i'm glad you both were able to go!

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