Wednesday, April 18, 2012

dude shirt to chick shirt

I don't think I've ever taken this much time off of blogging... maybe, but I'm too lazy to sift through the last 11 years of posts, so let's take my word for it.  My laptop has been... difficult... and I've started spending less time on it because it gets me crazy aggrivated.  It doesn't work as a mom to say "I have 3 uninterrupted minutes, I'll go shoot off that e.mail or check a friend's blog or check Pinterest for inspiration" *the last one is the most likely* and then spend the next 10 minutes waiting for your computer to unfreeze.

I'll tell you, my house is cleaner than it has ever been, and my fuse is shorter than it has a ever been.  MOMMY NEEDS INTERNETS.  FAST INTERNETS.  The husband is on the case and I'm trying to be zen.  We DO have at the very least 6 computers in the house, and he took the photo files from my computer and put them on  the fast one downstairs -  and I just realized it DOESN'T take 8 minutes for a picture save on Picnik!  Man, I have NOT been using my time well.

But I did do something cool in my "free" time.  And then I bragged to Heidi about it and she didn't understand what I was saying so she told me to make a tutorial and then she'd pin it on Pinterest to make me feel awesomesauce.  So I'm on a functioning computer to do just that and I can already feel my blood pressure going down.  Behold:

So you know how basic tee shirts for women are always slightly too short and hug that portion of our midsection that would go away if we only did some sit-ups but we can't because we're too busy screaming at our laptops?  And how men's shirts are always long enough and don't hug that portion of our midsection that would go away if we only did some sit-ups but we can't because we're too busy screaming at our laptops?  But they also kind of make you look like a slob, and the crew neckline just looks... manly?  Which totally works.  If you are a man.

Well, I found a small solution.  I went out bought a pack of men's tees (I'm 5'10" and the mediums are just the right length and not-too-tight-not-too-loose) and stared at myself in the mirror, trying to figure out WHY they look wrong.  I got V-neck and that looked much better than a crew neckline (and DIDN'T go low like ladies shirts, trying to show off the girls and all that).  And I didn't mind the boxy looseness around my midsection.

The culprit:  THE SLEEVES.

Men's sleeves are really wide, probably to make room for their massive guns and all that.  But as you can see,  I haven't got guns.  I don't even have a water pistol.  So my solution was to figure out how to make the sleeve smaller.  And after some trial and error, I found the perfect trick:

It's very important to not make it TOO tight, or else it will look really off with the looseness of the rest of the shirt.  Juuust enough that it doesn't look like wings anymore.

See?  It's just slight enough that it makes it look comfortable instead of sloppy.  I've done the refashions where I take in the sides too, but I really prefer this.  Shouldn't a girl get to wear something that isn't smooshing against her I-need-to-do-some-situps region at least every now and then?   Throw on some cute jeans and you'll be oh-so-comfortable all day.  I'm tempted to dye some of the other shirts in the pack and have one in every color.  They do also come in grey and black.  Oh, and I used Hanes.  Not that it matters, really.

There you go, Heidi!!  Thanks for contributing the the longer fuse I'm going to have with the kids today.  They thank you :)


Anonymous said...

The only thing better than your genius creativity in this blog is your totally engaging writing style.
You rock, sista!!

Elizabeth said...

AWESOME...looks easy enough for me to even try!! Awesome lady! Hope the internets/laptops/etc gets fixed Stat!

Jane said...

I totally just spit water all over my laptop eading your "water pistol" comment so now I might have laptop problems too...but the shirt tutorial is awesome.
(I think I use that word a lot with you.)

Heidi said...

Hooray...I understand it now!!!!! Thanks for simplifying it enough that even I get it. Not only did I pin it, but I also plan to do this in the very near future.


Anonymous said...


aubrey petersen said...

amazing. that is you.

The Atomic Mom said...

Pin that shirt idea.

I;m sorry your having technology problems....fix it Jared!

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