Wednesday, April 11, 2012

365 days 85-90 and others.

Blinded by the light.
Who stayed up late into the night sewing snaps onto Easter baskets their kids didn't actually need because they already sewed them some last year??   Yes, I'm nuts.  And that's poor husband, right next to me, sewing away.  And then I decided to sew sleeves onto WonderGirl's Easter dress even though it came with a jacket. Have I ever sewn sleeves on anything?  Naw, just pure nuts.
Egg-cellent Easter!
So on Easter I ate a TON for ham.  I was STUFFED.  I was also wearing some high-waisted jeans from college that I had no business wearing.  So when I moaned and complained that I was seriously full and I couldn't fit into my pants any more, a friend we had over assumed I was pregnant.  %$*&^%*&^$.  So I took a picture of my torso today to make we feel slightly better.

My throne.


Aaaaaaaand, a few Easter pictures.  You can click on over to the family blog for a few more, but here are a coupla reasons why I haven't blogged in a week.

The best Easter shot I could get:

What most of them looked like:

And the sleeves:

Yes, I actually went to the store, found a material close to the dress, and practiced around with some tee shirt material until I'd kind of figured what sleeves look like and then tried to sew the on.  As long as you are a few feet away, they look awesome!  (-ish)

Now, I know you don't come here for the pictures.  I'll try and get a life so I can post words and things, but no promises.  Oh, for some AWESOME words, check out what I'll be reading to my Young Women tonight - Ten Things I Want To Tell Teenage Girls.  Pure awesomeness.


jennaroo said...

I'm bummed I wasn't there for the 10 things :( Dang hubby's stinking work schedule :P And you did an awesome job on the sleeves :) How many more emoticons can I fit in here ~(_8^(I) <---Homer Simpson

Elizabeth said...

...they guessed you were pregnant because of your the number 1 thing I would go to.

Love the pictures and the commentary that go with them. Love the sleeves. Love your face!

Jane said...

1. Knowing your/our family and the gastrointestinal distress that is common, pregnancy is not my first guess either.
2. I would add to the teenage girl list that you can't do it all alone; learn to cooperate with people. All types of people, smarter people, less advanced people, men people, women people, eager people, reluctant people, etc. We all have diffrent talents and someone else may have just what you need.

aubrey said...

i have that same pink striped dress! i'm glad you had a nice easter. and your torso is hot. and flat. mine is not so much.

so...i had this brilliant idea that since i couldn't FIND an easter tie for max, i would sew one. i was all gung-ho and even found a pattern online and then paul came home and i told him my brilliant plan. and he immediately {but politely} reminded me of my extreme lack of sewing skills. and how he would BUY max a tie to save me all the stress and time i would put into doing it. so, i caved. and went to jc penny the next day and found him a tie for $2.

it was fate. i could never have sewn him a tie for $2.

the moral of the story: you are a better {and more crafty and patient} woman than me.

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