Thursday, April 5, 2012

365 days 83-84

Playdate aftermath.
Braid.ed.  I used this nifty tutorial to spiffy things up - skeptically, because generally my hair will not cooperate, or pulling my hair too far from my face reminds me that I have a creepy face and I have to put it down again.  The hair, not my face.

So you know how Instagram is FINALLY available for droids?  I downloaded it today and have to say I'm kind of unimpressed.  Maybe I'm just a crummy photog, but the app I've been using - Lightbox - has been working great and this same picture looked better in it than in Instagram.

I heard a great interview with Tim Rice and Andrew Lloyd Webber this morning and am jonesing to watch Jesus Christ Superstar again.  I was obsessed with it in high school - such an intriguing view.  One I don't agree with, of course, but it really helped me understand why Judas did what he did - and why the other Jews hated him so.  I'd never really understood the smaller picture, because as I've studied Christ's life it has always been about the good of mankind not just the people of his time.  They wanted fish, but he wanted to teach them to fish.  And the music is GOOD.  As my high school choir teacher used to say, Jesus IS a tenor :)

I like understanding how the world viewed Jesus Christ in his time, thanks to Tim and Andy.  (Can I call him that??)  But I'm thankful that I know more of the story.  And this video is far more in tune with my beliefs:

Peaceful.  And wonderful.  I'm also thankful that there isn't as much cultural hoopla surrounding Easter and that I can quietly celebrate and worship Christ's life and Resurrection.  Happy almost Easter!!

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Jane said...

Thank you! I knew I couldn't be the only Mormon who liked that show. All sentimentality aside, ALW does write some amazing music.

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