Tuesday, April 3, 2012

365 days 74-82

Bad day?  Pull a mattress onto the floor and watch the kids go berzerk.
View from my fingers.  I really need to write a song.  My brain and fingers are itching for it, but I'm just getting frustrated.  I don't like anything that's coming out.  I've actually written two recently that I slightly dig but it was on the PIANO.  What is the world coming to??  Next thing you'll know, I'll be able to do basic math!
Well hellooooo there.
Thumbs up!  I was laying in my bed, the light was on and the shadows from the fan made kind of a cool effect.
General Conference - view from the couch.  Wasn't it awesome??
Crayon knuckles!  I found these at the dollar store, and they distracted the Dude for a good 3 minutes.  WonderGirl and I for a bit longer.
Last second blur picture.
Uncomfortably close.

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Jane said...

Let's be honest, does GC ever stink?
I really like your pictures this post. Something more...intriguing about them.

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