Sunday, May 20, 2012

365 days 122-128

I got this BowHold Buddy for WonderGirl.  The inventors of these are geniuses!!  I don't know how I taught bow holds without them.

I went to a city council meeting to see husband graduate from a leadership program.  He got to put his hand in a cow's stomach!  Not at the meeting, although that would have been far more entertaining.
Took the teen girls at church at Pewitt's Nest - which is AWESOME!!  It's this wee watering hole in the woods and I can't wait to being the whole fam there for the reunion in July!
I wanted to take a portrait of what me as a mom looks like.  When I think of of a mom, this is what I picture:

Kind of like a JCPenny ad.  I don't ever feel like I look like what a mom should look like.  I feel like I'm always disheveled and off - and like every other mom looks like they know what they're doing.  I don't know if my goal is to look like a JCPenny ad.  But maybe it is...

My subdivision is so bright, I gotta wear shades.

Summer is coming!!  Our Saturday was lovely.  The husband put together his new grill and put together an amazing meal of seared ahi tuna steaks, grilled pineapple and chicken hearts.  Then we took a stroll the 1/2 mile down to the store to get some tomatoes and apples.  It felt so European!
Does this look like the face of a boy who woke up repeatedly last night screaming then threw up all over himself at breakfast?  Well, it is.  He's dancing around, happy as a happiest thing that ever was happy.  I am far less annoyed at him than I was at 2am.

Oh, that Dude!  So yesterday on our walk, WonderGirl brought some nickels so she and the Dude could experience the joy that is the Wild Hog ride at our grocery store.  The ensuing joy that escaped the Dude was epic.  The husband had to run out of the checkout line just to capture a few seconds of it.  Behold, pure joy:

Because the poor Dude had thrown up before church, I knew I couldn't let him in nursery with the other kiddos, but I still didn't want to miss the first hour of sacrament meeting - partly because the husband was speaking and I loves me some husband.  Afterwards, I slipped out and spent the next two hours snuggling the Dude.  Yes, it is a one of the deadly sins to envy, but it is totally justified here.  You may envy the Dude snuggles.

I did glimpse in the mirror when I got home and was so impressed that I didn't look like I was running on half a brain and little sleep, I had to take an unfocused picture to document it.  Someday I'll need hot pictures of myself to remind me I was once a dish.

Why am I out of focus by you can see the mess in the coat closet in perfect clarity?  There is so much about photography that puzzles me...

Lastly, my dear Jennaroo was with me at Pewitt's Nest and found my attempts at self-documentation hilarious and snapped a shot of it in action:

This is priceless.  Thanks for sending it, Jenna!  This sums up my 365 year in one shot :)


Jane said...

I begin to think that kids arekid of like cats, they eat whatever they want and if it's not good they just vomit it out again and then they're fine.
Part of growing up, I believe, is learning to not eat the grass so you won't vomit.

Elizabeth said...

Bow hold buddy? How have I NOT heard about this...

HEAR YE. I need to document the fact that I ran 3 miles and didn't feel like death.  So just to make sure it wasn't a fluke, I did...