turn, turn, turn

I have this theory about parenting, where we all take turns having the worst kids in public, to make the other moms feel good about themselves and their kids.  I have this theory because my kids are usually the poster children for how NOT to act in public.  You're welcome, other moms.

But today, I was chatting with the nicest mom at the park, when her 3 year old pulled down her panties and went pee in the sand.  I joked with her that the park was just a big litter box, so she must have given birth to a cat instead.  She laughed with me as she tried to make sense of the ensuing preschooler crazy.  Then as she was leaving, she lost her grip on her stroller and it started rolling into the street before she caught it.  I shot her a big smile, and she shot one back, exhausted but bright.

It wasn't my turn today!  Although when I got home, the Dude spent a good 10 minutes screaming in the car about some mysterious whatever (most likely because he was tired and the universe was annoying him).  But no one was there to witness it.  SCORE.

Wait, as we were leaving our house to GO to the park, I was in the backyard getting it measured by some workmen to get a quote for putting in a blasted fence (WHY DON'T HOMES IN WISCONSIN COME WITH FENCES????) and asked WonderGirl to go get Forster who was racing around the front yard.  She literally dragged him across the front yard while he screamed bloody murder.  I ran to save him, and saw the park across the street was inhabited by a playgroup, full of moms staring at my psychotic children.  I'd blocked that out of my memory...

So it was my turn too, today.  Touche, Karma.


jennaroo said…
Oh man did I need that laugh today! I'm suddenly loving the fact that I live in the country. No one hears me yell at the kids. And our closest neighbor is kind enough to ignore the kids making faces at him through the window from the top bunk. Gotta love 'em!
Jane said…
Man, I need some kids. They make such easy blogging subject material.
Jane said…
Man, I need some kids. They make such easy blogging subject material.

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