Tuesday, May 29, 2012

365 days 133-137

Messing around with backlighting while rocking out to the Muppets.  Of course.

We went to Iowa for a wee vacay and got to go to a birthday party at a place that rehabilitates birds of prey who have been injured.  WonderGirl can't stop telling everyone she sees about how she saw all these birds of prey with eyes missing.  I was melting from all the sun at the time.

I took a picture of my hand through a balloon - not as easy as it seems.

We got back from our wee trip and I found these in the mail waiting for me!  I needed some new summer shoes and wanted something with a bit of a pop AND utilitarian at the same time.  They are wanna-be croc material.  Would you believe I got them for 8.95 with free shipping?  Because I did.

Two-faced.  I had an awesome idea for a picture but my camera would not cooperate.  So the left-hand shot is my creative joy, and the right-hand is realizing I am a talentless hack with a mean camera.

I was in a serious funk last week.  The pictures reflect that too and I couldn't figure out why all of the sudden I hated what I was producing.  I looked through my older stuff and realized everything was kind of monochome, so I'm bringing the color back.

Want to know a secret?  I really don't like having my picture taken.  I like HAVING pictures of myself, but the process makes me tighten up and think of all the times that I've seen a picture that makes me look like a horse and I try to NOT recreate that look and while the person squints into their camera and says cheese all my brain is doing in screaming LOOK DOWN, NOT TO THE SIDE OR YOUR HUMONGOUS HONKER OF A NOSE WILL STICK OUT DON'T BLINK SMILE DAGNABIT YOU LOOK LIKE A MORON WHEN YOU DON'T SMILE SUCK IN THAT GUT AND STAND UP STRAIGHT, IGOR!!!!! 

It's kind of distracting.  And not at all helpful when most of the time is there IS a picture taken of me, it's quickly thrown in my face and I look like a conflicted moron.  Which is kind of my default setting, but I try to  temper it for the general public.

Anywho, at the beginning of this year I thought to myself I should really figure out how to use my fancy schmancy camera and lo and behold, Elizabeth posted a link to a 365 club a friend of hers was hosting with prizes just for participating!  I figured that was the best way to keep me going so I signed up.  It wasn't until after I signed up that I saw the one rule besides taking a picture every day, was that I had to BE in every picture.  Self portraits?  That wasn't really how I'd envisioned getting more acquainted with my camera, so I was slightly disappointed.

But having that one major handicap has really forced me to get to know more than I would because of the added trick of making sure I don't look like a horse.  I'm getting super familiar with angles, lighting, composition, and it's translating really well to my other photo subjects/victims.

I like admitting I was wrong when the right is awesome.

Oh, and I thought my world would end when Picnik (my favorite pic editing site) went away, but I have found a new love in iPiccy.


Jane said...

You have an odd self image.
A horse? Really? I have to squint really hard and kind of tilt my head to the side and then put a horse face on you to make you look like a horse.
I like your first picture. It reminds me of the iPod ads.

Elizabeth said...

:) Maybe by the end of the year you will love taking pictures of yourself...

...hopefully...cause the alternative would mean more of that last picture, right half faces.

You really are getting more creative. Your pictures are getting more and more interesting. I am enjoying this immensely.

Love ya!

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