Thursday, May 31, 2012

what not to wear: Reva edition


5 shows in 3 days, so I need 3 decent get-ups.  My favorite thing to wear is a black tee and a brown peasant skirt, but last year I was wearing it and was asked how far along in my pregnancy I was.

Maybe it was my posture, or the extra ice cream I'd eaten that day trying to stay cool.  Regardless, I'm afraid I'm going to have to nix that outfit, which means I have no cute, airy outfit to love while I'm playing in the hot out-of-doors.  GRRRR.

I wore my Magic Dress (aka the one that hides everything perfectly) for the Ceilidh-banquet thing and even though it looks nothing like the kind of thing I should be wearing while playing Scottish music, I don't think I can fit into my kilt.  So this is a nice substitute.

I also wore this on another day last year, but as you can see, it makes me look like I drive a minivan and have multiple children.  And for 3 days out of the entire year I'd like to look like a musician.  Someone cool. Who is not me.

I wore this 3 years ago.  But I was also 7 months pregnant, so it's acceptable.

This was what I wore 4 years ago.  The top is ill-fitting around the armpit region, and I think pin-striped capris are probably a no-no as well.  So I'm really lost.  It's not easy to find something cute on a budget that fits AND is modest.  Which is why I complain about this every year.  I had a solution, but then someone asked me if there was a baby in my tummy.  Which there wasn't.  Ugh.  Any suggestions???  Puleeeeze??

By the way, I'm SO excited!!


Cathie said...

I would wear whatever I want and tell people who make pregnancy remarks to mind their own business. Actually, I would politely say, "Excuse me?" as though I really hadn't heard, and then when they repeated it say, "Oh that is what you said. I thought for sure I must have misheard you. Such a personal question!"

Jane said...

Seriously, if someone thinks you look pregnant in that outfit - heck, LOOK at those pictures! - you can legitimately punch them in the face.
(The posture thing is genetic, remember your mother's father.)
Just wear a tam o'shanter and whatever else you wear will work too.

holli jo said...

Yes. My solution is punch those people in the face who dare insinuate you are pregnant. And then wear what you want. I get that question sometimes too (I actually kind of look it, which you don't!), and it makes me so mad.

Not a cool question to ask. Ever. If you have to ask, it's none of your business.

Talula Does the Hula said...

You don't look even slightly pregnant in that outfit. Wear it and be comfortable and know that the woman who asked that question is insane. It's not you; it's her.

p... said...

You could just get prego! Said out of love. :) Could you find some irish patterns and make a couple of skirts? Love yah. Wish I could hear you guys play?

Elizabeth said...

How about a tshirt that says if you ask me if I'm prego (which I am NOT), I will smack you in the face. Just sayin'.

And I love how you picked apart every outfit above and I kept thinking 'man, I wish I looked that great in a shirt/capris/etc. that small'. Except of course the one where you were 7 months along, but I agree, that was a great outfit choice.

I really like that last green shirt outfit, you totally look hot in it. If that's not still around and fittable, I would suggest something makes you look super sharp and beautiful.

Teresa said...

What about getting some fabric and making a fun, print skirt? You could wear it with a favourite t shirt?

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