Friday, June 15, 2012

365 day 154

I'm halfway done today!!  I think... I started January 15th and this is June 15th, so yes?  Math was never my friend.    Our summer is off to a fabulous start, especially with the addition of a Slip n' Slide.  You can head over to the family blog for more fabulousness.  For now, wheeeee!!!


M Pepper Langlinais said...

Well . . . If you're doing 365 days and this is day 154? Then you have (and I'm awful at math too, so bear with me) . . . 211 days left?

Anonymous said...

Good job catching live action shots with your camerio.

Anonymous said...

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Jane said...

July 15th would be the halfway point, but I don't mind more pictures of you!!
Yaaaay! For the fence!

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