Thursday, June 14, 2012

365 days 143-153

Back from vacation, ready for eye overload??
After months of hemming and quite a bit of hawing, I got my hairs cut.  You would not believe how much less conditioner I am currently using.
In between practicing I took this on a mirror.  These poor fingers need a little love.
Oh, what a day we had.  A scene at the doctor's office (insurance changed apparently, &$&^&^%), the 2 hour drive to the airport, the flight, the drive to Nana and Papa's - we were all spent.  But in the SOUTH!!!! HUZZAH!!!
I adore these humans.  Recording all night and morning was grueling, but so worth it.  Who produces an album in less than 24 hours??  The Blarney Girls, that's who!!
Just before our first showfor the Celidh banquet.  We snapped this in our exclusive "dressing room."  Exclusive because it's a restroom exclusively for handicapped persons :)
Remember that killer video I posted?  I broke 7 bowhairs on that solo!  Metal, indeed.
The husband made this salad for me - seared ahi tuna, avocado, ginger dressing, maaaahhhhhhh....  uncontrollable droooing.....
The hubs got a Les Paul ukelele for his birthday.  Couldn't you just eat it all up??
Before we headed home, we went to the Kenessaw Battlefield Memorial museum.  I'm weepy anyway, but this nearly did me in.  The poor mothers, fathers, sisters, brothers, wives, children... so much pain came from this place.  I just can't stand it.
We got a pence put in so I made this tent out of a thrift store sheet and 2 dollar store brooms for the kids to enjoy.  But it turns out the fence terrifies the Dude, so I will have to keep WG company out there until I can bribe him enough.


Heidi said...

You got a fence!!! Hooray!!!! You can no longer complain about Wisconsin, because I do believe this fence makes life in WI just about perfect. Am I right?

Also, I keep meaning to call and ask you which school you got for next year. I hate not seeing you every morning at 8:00 and 11:00. So many thoughts and questions that now never make it past my brain and into your ears. Dang this summer vacation thing!

Jane said...

Yay for the really cool fence!
Also, why do you hate recording? You look fabulous and Michael's upright! I loved the last CD. Any chance on getting this one too?

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