Thursday, September 6, 2012

365 days 227-236

While at a park, I missed a call from my mom in China and then the number was busy, arg!  So I logged onto Skype on my phone just to see if I could IM her on it, and lo and behold, it let me video!!  My old cracked phone let me see my mommy!  But not at the same time she saw me, because I don't have a front facing camera :)
 Skype on an actual computer today, but it wasn't as cooperative.  Mom was stressed out, as you can see.  Can you see me?
 Snuggling with my sugar daddy.
I was trying a leap-y picture, but the camera was acting really off.  Hrm.
 Today the camera wouldn't work at ALL, so I'm researching the problem.  The verdict?  Auto focus is dead.  How can I take self portraits and pictures of a 3 year old without auto focus?!?!
 More researching.  VERY unhappy about the lack of SLR.
Did a good deed and made some cookies for a family.  The tasted... well... it's the thought that counts, right??
 Labor Day!  The brave husband took us canoeing down a nice wee river in town.  We all loved it, except for the Dude who HATED the life jacket and screamed the entire time.  Poor thing.  Especially because the river was maybe 2 feet deep most of the time.
 First day of school... the teacher read us the Kissing Hand, so I gave her plenty of kisses.  She loved it, I cried like a hopeless crazy person for hours.
A taste of the Asia.  A necklace the husband got me from China and a jacket a friend brought me from Korea.  The south one.

One good thing about pregnancy insomnia hitting ever so barely is that when I wake up early, I can get on Skype and talk with my mom who is just finishing her day.  I miss her so much it hurts.  And this camera broken thing is REALLY a downer.  Thankfully I still have my Canon Powershot and my phone but I really need my fancy schmancy one.  I'm not much of a photog, but it's so nice to try and learn.  And distract me from life.

Yesterday the Dude had his first day of school, which was quite the experience.  He loved it until he saw me leave, then he crumpled and cried the fattest, saddest tears the world has ever seen.  And then apparently after I left he actually got the window open and tried to escape.  It's one of those complicated roll-y ones they have at our church sot he teachers were really impressed he figured it out so quickly.  But after a few hugs and assurances from the teachers that they were "happy" - he was a star kid.  He actually screamed "ARE YOU HAPPY??" at the teachers until they figured out what he was saying and said they were, then he stopped abruptly, took a deep breath and said "Okay, I happy too."  And was calm and fine from then on.  Oh, my Dude.

Now... anyone want to come over and potty train him for me??

PS - While he was at school, I had a doctor's appointment and the fetus seems in good form.  15 weeks along!


M Pepper Langlinais said...

Aww, they read "The Kissing Hand" at Evie's first day of Pre-K this week, too.

Padme said...

That sure looks like a Kermit shirt. Please tell me it's a Kermit shirt. Because that would make my day.

I own 4 or 5 Kermit shirts you know.

The Pagets in Florida said...

Doctor's appointments without kids are great. Now if you could figure out how to take your kids to the doctor without actually taking them there with you, you would really have something.

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